A new era begins: EA Sports FC 24 launches September 29 on PS4 and PS5

EA Sports FC 24 launches September 29 on PS4 and PS5 and is focused on delivering an authentic football experience and gameplay innovations to usher in a new era of virtual football. Behind this are three key technological advancements: HyperMotion V, enhanced PlayStyles and a radically overhauled Frostbite engine. But the exciting new features certainly don’t stop there. Get ready for elite women’s players to join Ultimate Team, create unique versions of players using Evolutions, and enjoy cross-play for the first time in Clubs and Volta Football and play alongside your friends across same-generation platforms.Play Video

A new era begins: EA Sports FC 24 launches September 29 on PS4 and PS5

HyperMotion V*

HyperMotion has been developed using volumetric data taken from over 180 professional matches to produce realistic animations. Video can now also be captured without athletes having to wear motion capture suits. Every in-match team or player movement is captured by cameras in stadiums, with that data used to produce authentic animations for EA Sports FC 24. Your favorite footballer therefore moves in the game exactly as they would during a real match. 

This technology also calculates ball physics, using adaptive AI to ensure that the football’s mid-air and rebounding movements are fully realistic. It also enables footballers’ hand movements to be recorded using a glove and flawlessly recreates those details in the game. 


Every player moves around the pitch and controls the ball in a distinctive way. Real-match data collected by Opta and other sources has been optimized to bring footballers’ unique skills to life on the virtual pitch, via individual PlayStyles. These PlayStyles unlock many actions for forwards and defenders, such as power shots and elásticos while dribbling. Select players even have PlayStyles+ moves, as benefiting their status as best-in-class and which showcases their dazzling individual skills. 


No football game has ever looked as realistic as EA Sports FC 24 as a result of the revamped Frostbite engine. Using new character models, the AI Sapient technology delivers anatomically correct bodies with authentic proportions and fluid animations, the GPU Cloth feature recreates amazingly detailed clothing where muscles can be seen under the fabric and shirts move like real materials, and the new lighting feature with enhanced contrast and greater detail makes encounters feel even more lifelike, therefore providing a superb stadium atmosphere. The Elevated Matchday Experience with dynamic intros also plays a major role here. A short clip will give you a glimpse of the changing rooms and warm-ups and will of course show the teams walking onto the pitch. It’s like a televised match come to life. 

Ultimate Team with Women’s Football Stars 

A true world first: EA Sports FC 24 brings together male and female players on the same pitch. In Ultimate Team, you can choose from more than 1600 female players, including icons and heroes from the annals of women’s football, to strengthen your squad and mold your dream team with both men and women. You can therefore create a truly unique fantasy eleven. 

Evolutions: create your own club legend 

If your favorite player’s ratings aren’t to your liking, you can create a unique version of them for the first time ever. Pick a player who meets the criteria for Evolutions, complete the required challenges and permanently improve your player’s ratings, individual skills, PlayStyles and even change your Player Item’s color and animation so that everyone recognises your legend straight away.

Career Mode, Clubs and Volta Football with exciting new features 

If you plan to focus on your career as a player or manager, then there are new features to enjoy in these modes, too. As a player heading to the top, you will receive support along the way from a player agent who will recommend transfers to you and help you achieve your career goals to make it at your dream club. 

You have even more options to lead your club to glory when playing as a manager. Choose from seven tactical strategies, such as tiki-taka or counter-attacking, appoint assistant coaches, prepare players as effectively as possible for upcoming matches, observe games from the touchline or follow a star player during the action and celebrate your victories in impressively staged, dynamic scenes.

Clubs and Volta Football are also back. These popular modes are cross-play-compatible for the first time, so now you can take on your friends if they play EA Sports FC 24 on a different (same-generation) platform.

With updated commentary provided by Guy Mowbray and Sue Smith, Clubs with league seasons, and a streamlined, redesigned start menu, EA Sports FC 24 has even more new features to show off and, in the buildup to the game’s release on September 29, you can certainly expect to discover more. 

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