Crunchyroll announces One Punch Man game for PC and mobile

Crunchyroll Games announced today that it’s working on a game based on the One Punch Man anime. Called One Punch Man: World, the title is a multiplayer action game that launches on PC and mobile later this year. Crunchyroll is co-developing it with publisher Perfect World. Interested players can pre-register for the PC version now.

According to Crunchyroll’s new trailer, World is a hack-and-slash action title starring several familiar characters from the anime. Players join the Hero Association and unlock and level up the characters. They can take on villains and monsters in raids and also engage in mini-games and side quests. Several fights from the anime’s first season are recreated beat-for-beat, but Crunchyroll is also adding new content that expands the story.

Terry Li, Crunchyroll Games’ general manager, said in a statement, “The most ambitious Crunchyroll Games title to date, One Punch Man: World is an immersive online action game that transports players into the universe of One-Punch Man. The game, developed by Perfect World, brings iconic characters and abilities to life with premiere production values that we are excited to unleash on anime fans and gamers.”

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